Regent joins fray in Toronto door-door business

Community News & Features Apr 1, 2004 at 10:48 am

By Kathreen “Karen” Pascual

TORONTO-Over the past couple of years, the Filipino-Canadian community has been stunned by the demise of several prominent door-to-door businesses. Many families became victims of companies often owned and operated by people they considered as friends; intelligent individuals with the wherewithal to start a company and make it flourish. Priceless belongings were entrusted in the hopes of safe passage to the Philippines. Unfortunately, the whereabouts of a great many packages are now unknown due to the closure of certain companies.

It is logical to assume that there are several reasons why businesses collapse but particularly one that involves operations in the Philippines; corruption must be included in the equation. Perhaps you can site questionable business practices, rates too low to meet profit margins or too good to be true offers. The problems that plague the cargo industry most likely include all those factors yet some door-to-door companies continue to function, coping with the complexities of their business.
Regent Cargo Inc.

Amidst the problems surrounding the door-to-door industry in Toronto, Forex, an established U.S. based business with worldwide operations and a strong Philippine nationwide distribution network system, will begin operation of its sister company under the name Regent Cargo Inc. “Regent”. Regent is jointly owned by Jaime P. Cariño Sr., founder and Chairman Emeritus of Forex, Jacob Anthony P. Cariño, President of Forex Philippines, Jaime P. Cariño Jr. CEO and President of Forex California and Andre Estrada, President of Forex Hawaii.

Although already known as heavyweights in the door-to-door business in the United States with their worldwide operations and excellent business reputation, Estrada and JP Cariño received recognition in Toronto when they brought the highly successful Martin Nievera concerts, providing high quality entertainment to the community.

Regent hopes that it can provide a better alternative to Toronto clients with their strong global support structure and number of years experience in the industry. It promises to handle the boxes with its trademark love and care.

The new door-to-door company is now scouting for a warehouse in Toronto and is expected to start operations sometime in April or May 2004. It is also in talks with a local group to help manage the administration and operation of the business. Once operational, Regent promises to bring new innovations to the industry such a tracking system and bar coding, accessible to all their customers through the internet, currently used by its sister companies in the States in their door-to-door business to the Philippines. Watch out for more information about Regent, its global tie-ups and its Toronto grand opening in