Pidro shirts launched with a bang

Community News & Features May 1, 2004 at 10:05 am

TORONTO–The official launching of PIDRO, PIDRITO and INDAY in Canada was an evening of shirts, entertainment and musicals. It did not only unveil the true spirit of Pinoys in their quest to promote Filipino culture, but the special occasion also became an opportunity to showcase various talents of Filipino Canadians.

The event started with a sumptuous cocktail spearheaded by George Rivera. Rivera’s unique skills in fruit and vegetable carving amazed everyone. His colorful cocktail preparation was sparkling with joy; an effective way in preparing the audience for a more entertaining evening. Like any other spirited enterprising Pinoy, Rivera squeezed every opportunity to promote his creative work to prospective clients. According to him, “the most appreciated gifts these days are items that are unique and labor of love. Fruits and vegetables carved in different fashions are the ‘in-thing’ nowadays.”

The entertainment part revealed another field where Pinoys prove to be excellent talents. Popular painter, Rol Lampitoc shared one of his hidden talents: a heartwarming violin rendition of ‘Dahil sa yo’through the use of a saw. He did not only mesmerize the guests with such unique musical talent but his instrument became an eye opener to many who realized that carpentry is not only for the garage but also for the stage. Who can ever think that a saw can produce a sound that’s pleasant to the ears?
Like any other Pinoy gathering, it is never complete without a musical presentation. What better way than to showcase the glorious voices of Pinoy talents like Jeng Castro and Suzane Klaire Cunanan.

On top of it all, Creative Exchange’s ingenuity is something to be recognized. It was a good blend of entertainment and business in introducing PIDRO T-shirts. The speeches and forums were channeled through an effective entertainment vehicle with its dazzling fashion show and high-tech visual presentation. Indeed, everyone seemed to get the message: PIDRO is here in Canada.