Radio program aims to wake up Sleeping Giant

Community News & Features May 1, 2004 at 10:06 am

TORONTO–The genesis of the first FM radio network that features Filipino-based programming is coming to fruition. Radio 101.3 FM, a new multi-cultural station will begin broadcasting in the summer of 2004. Filipinos have been allocated one hour of daily programming Monday to Friday and two hours on Saturdays and Sundays to start with a possibility of expanded airtime in the future.

The Project Manager for this huge undertaking is Deo Moreno who said, “Filipinos deserve more than what they are getting today relative to our demographic strength.” He explained that the radio station’s core values include being community based, inclusive, inspirational, thought provoking and it must serve the public. He adds that before going on-air, 101.3 FM seeks to understand what its listeners want.

There are several programming ideas and suggestions currently being reviewed. Some of which include news and ‘no holds barred’ current affairs reporting within the community and the Philippines, musical shows featuring Original Pilipino Music or up-and-coming local artists, a ‘speak your mind’ phone-in talk show, cultural revival programs, drama and radio nobela, spiritual and religious programs, live on-site broadcasts, educational shows, youth-oriented programs and more.

101.3 FM will be holding a talent signup on Friday, April 30th, 6:30 p.m. at Room 302, Metro Hall, 25 John Street, Toronto. They are looking for radio personalities, announcers, hosts, technicians, writers, producers, directors and more. No experience is necessary. Please bring your tapes, cds, videos, scripts and concepts. If you are unable to make the talent call, you can also email the station at or Deo Moreno at, fax them at (416) 265-3559 with your presentation.

Successful candidates will be asked to be a part of a program showcase in June.

Also, 101.3 FM would like people to give the station its name. Prizes will be awarded to the winning suggestion and will be announced at the station’s official launch date. Stay tuned for more details.