Pistahan sa Toronto

Community News & Features Jul 1, 2004 at 1:37 pm

By Marlou S. Tiro

TORONTO–A parade of colors, songs, and dances marked the 106th Philippine Independence Day “Pistahan sa Toronto” celebration. Held at Nathan Philips Square, the event was attended by various Filipino organizations and Filipinos coming from neighboring provinces as far as Ottawa and Niagara region. Apparently many did not only come for mere entertainment but also to savor the native delicacies and to establish camaraderie among each other.

The jovial atmosphere was also highlighted by the wide array of vendors that displayed some fascinating items ranging from seashells, Philippine-made toys to clothing. The food stalls were very popular with Filipinos lining up in a long queu. From puto, bibingka, banana cue to sago, there was something special for everyone’s appetite.

Meanwhile, some provinces also had their share of Philippine Independence day celebration. The Circulo ng Bisaya organized a picnic and invited all the Fil-Cans in Niagara region. Held at Queenston Heights Park in Niagara Falls, one sunny afternoon, the group allotted part of their funds to treat the group with a sumptuous lunch. Composed of Filipinos that hails from the Viasayas region, the gathering was simple yet very enriching since it became an ideal time for the Bisaya community for a reunion after the long winter months.

It may be important to note that the Ciculo is contemplating of organizing a cultural group that will be composed of Filipino-Canadian youngsters. “It is high time for our youngsters to learn and appreciate the culture of their parents in the form of social dance,” explained Victoria Elatico.

Alexander Lazona who will be the dance instructor will share his skills on folk dancing. He said, “once our children will be trained, we would be able to give dance presentations during special Filipino functions in Niagara region.”