Who will be the next Filipino Idol?

Community News & Features Oct 16, 2004 at 11:12 am

FCT update
By Aida E. D’Orazio

TORONTO–The Pistahan Sa Toronto is still a long way, but the excitement over the FCT’s Filipino Singing Idol 2005 competition has already started.

According to Belle Tumbokon, who chairs the competition, the first elimination round will be held on October 22 at the FCT’s Rizal Hall at 7 p.m. The other two elimination rounds will be on January 21, 2005 and April 22, 2005. The two top singers of each round will then compete at the grand finale, “Beat the Champ”, during the Pistahan in June 2005 in celebration of the Philippine Independence Day.
The three categories of the contest are Junior (ages 7-16), Adult (ages 17-39) and Senior (ages 40 and up). Winners will receive cash prizes, trophies and gifts.

Registration forms are available at the Filipino Centre, Toronto, (416) 928-9355, or please call Belle Tumbokon at (416) 533-9888.

The Jeffrey Reodica Tragedy

The parents’ grief over the loss of a child cannot be measured. After four months, Willy and Flora Reodica, along with the rest of the family, are still visibly shaken and still shaking their heads with disbelief as to why their 17-year old boy, Jeffrey, was shot by a plainclothes policeman last May 21.
The report from the findings of SIU (Special Investigations Unit) that the shooting by the police officer was legally justified has not discouraged the Reodica family, their friends and supporters from continuing with their demand for truth and justice since the tragic shooting. They find the SIU report unacceptable, thus, they are now more determined to get to the bottom of the real truth – why Jeffrey had to die.

The CASJ (Community Alliance for Social Justice), headed by Mel Catre, has likewise denounced the results of the SIU investigation as biased, erroneous and full of inconsistencies.

A well-applauded speech came from FCT’s president Lynda Javier. She ended it with this stirring statement, “We value the most important thing given to us by God and that is life. After the 2nd world war, death penalty in Canada was abolished. Why was Jeffrey given a death penalty even before he was tried?”

Interestingly, among the big crowd that showed up at the media conference, was a young man, Christopher Holmes, who passed around copies of his complaint for assault against Badge #35, Dan Belanger, the same plainclothes officer who shot Jeffrey. He said his parents had called up the Reodicas to offer their sympathy and help after finding out about the tragic shooting.


October 24, 2005, Sunday – Diabetic Workshop, at FCT’s Rizal Hall, Topic: Diet. Learn what food to avoid and how to modify your diet with Rachel Tortal, R.D.