Flood victims need heroes

Community News & Features Dec 16, 2004 at 3:05 pm

FATHER Charlito Colendres or as the community calls him Fr. Char tried to rescue his parishioners while stuck in the middle of the flash flood that struck Infanta, Quezon. Fr. Char was himself swept away by the raging river. Fr. Char drowned while trying to save others, he made the ultimate sacrifice to help his people. Father Char is a hero.

Here in Canada, the fate of Father Char does not have to happen to us to be a hero. All we have to do is to sacrifice a little bit of what we have. A number of worthy organizations are requesting your assistance in the form of financial and non-perishable goods donations.

Mary Mother of the Poor Foundation in partnership with the Lucena City Association the association with the slogan, “The Mission is the Reason!” has embarked on a new mission dubbed as the “Flood Relief Mission.”. The Lucena Association in partnership with other individuals, groups and organizations will be sending over 3 metric tons of powdered milk and boxes of non-perishable canned goods.

We arequesting individuals, groups or organizations to contribute a can or two of non-perishable food items and any financial donations will be much appreciated to expedite the shipment of the goods to the Philippines. All donations will be posted at their website at www.geocities.com/lucenacitycanada.
If you are donating cash, please make cheque payable to Lucena City Association of Ontario and mail to 31 Heatherbank Trail, Toronto, Ontario M1B 5M6. If you are donating goods, please drop them at our designated locations around Toronto and suburbs. For locations in your area please call: Toronto and East : Jun/Rosemer Enverga 416-284-2810, Lydia / Pat Quisao 416-759-4307, Manny/Belinda Abellanosa 416-223-3145, Al Huerto 416-416-755-1210, EdithRolly Vallena 416-285-1671
West and Peel Regions: TessWilliam Mendoza 905-281-8920, BertGrace Baldovino 905-286-5902