Donate to the Philippine Typhoon and Flood Victims

Community News & Features Jan 1, 2005 at 1:31 pm

* 1,800 people are dead or missing in the provinces of
Quezon and Rizal.

* 650,000 survivors are in dire need of food, clean
water and shelter.

* Health authorities fear disease outbreak due to lack of
adequate facilities and sanitation in makeshift homes
and shelter.

* Names of donors will be published in The Philippine
Reporter and other newspapers.

Contact the Community Alliance for Social Justice CASJ c/o Kababayan Community Centre at (416) 532-3888 (Flor Dandal),

The Philippine Reporter at (416) 461-8694 (Hermie Garcia),

Mel Catre (416) 829-4930,

Edwin Mercurio (416) 709-7884,

Connie Sorio (416) 463-5312 ext 240,

Carol Banez (416) 264-4569,

Bert Delara (416) 875-3735.