Home Karaoke Talents’ Variety Show

Community News & Features Feb 16, 2005 at 3:14 pm

Do you remember the Home Karaoke Singing Contest organized in Year 1997? Do you remember the Y2K Home Karaoke singing contest?

Singing contest seems to be too serious, bringing pressure on the Contestants as well as the event organizer, Home Karaoke. This year, we will organize something different for our Members!

It is a Variety Show! It’s going to be a night of joy, fun and excitement for our Members. We believe most of our Members have all kinds of talents and they should be given a chance to show off, to perform in front of a theatre of audience, under the spotlight! There will be lots of gifts and prizes to be given out at the show, too!

The event will be organized once in every two months. The coming one is scheduled on May 15, 2005 (Sunday), 7:30pm to 10:00pm at Royal Canadian Legion, 100 Salome Drive (Brimley/Sheppard), Scarborough.

Any of the following can happen in the show:-

Performances by you and also by invited guests

Do you want to give yourself a chance to have a mini concert of your own? Why not? Once in your lifetime, be a superstar!

The Challenge

Well, select a song from my collection of approx. 300 favorite and sing with me. If you can sing better than I, you get a prize!

The Auction

Do you have any item to bring for auction? At least 5 items from Home Karaoke will be devoted for this auction. All proceeds derived from the auction will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross for charity purpose.


All kinds of good games organized for you! Participate in the game and win a prize! Guaranteed lots of fun and excitement!

Cross-Culture Performances

I hope that Members with different cultural background can deliver performances unique to their heritages.

Happy Birthday to you

A section is devoted to “Birthday Greetings”. If your friend’s birthday falls in the month of May, why don’t you celebrate his/her birthday here! The whole audience will sing to him/her!

Costume Competition

Dressed up like Vampire? Like Elvis? Like whoever? Like whatever! You will get a prize!

Magic and Dance

Are you a magician? Dancer? Please come forward!

Volunteer helpers wanted

This is your Show! If you want to help us in any way to make this event a success, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

The above are just a few to mention. There will be more interesting features to pack the evening with nothing but fun! fun! fun!

Admission FREE

Admitted by tickets. Each member or group/organization will be entitled to a maximum of 5 FREE tickets. Because of limited seating capacities (only 250), tickets will be given out on first-call-first-given basis. Call for tickets, starting from April 15.

If you want more than 5 tickets, you will have to pay $8 each.

If you miss this show, wait for the next one, in two months’ time.

See you in the show!