New radio program to hit airwaves

Community News & Features Mar 1, 2005 at 4:24 pm

PINOY EXPRESS, a new radio show, will hit the airwaves beginning March 1, 2005, and every Tuesday night thereafter.

Philippine Press Club – Ontario (PPC-O) president Paul F. de la Cruz will produce and host the weekly show. The radio program will broadcast live every Tuesday from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. through Radyo Pinoy on Canadian Multicultural Radio – CJSA 101.3 FM.

The radio show promises a novel format that will feature snippets of true-to-life stories encountered by various characters as they travel the journey of life via the Pinoy Express.

Such real life experiences that may be told firsthand on radio, or dramatized, will become the platform of the conversations in the Pinoy Express. Depending on the subject – which could be controversial at times – a resource person may be available to help answer questions from listeners over the phones.
The show will also include stinging commentaries, community updates, true Filipino music and timely situation reports from broadcasters embedded in the Filipino community all throughout the GTA.

The name of the program is an allegory of life as a journey. In our travels we make ready a lot of things, meet a lot of people along the way; in the stations, the terminals, or inside the vehicle –whether train, bus, or plane.

Sometimes the strangers we meet and converse with become our friends or remain strangers. Whatever the case maybe they become part of our journey even just for an hour or so via the Pinoy Express.
So, where are we headed to? The answer may depend where Pinoy Express takes us. All aboard, now, please.