Rockwell, a safe sanctuary

Community News & Features May 16, 2005 at 2:39 pm

What began as a Christmas light show is now a year-round spectacle that lends the Metro Manila skyline an awe-inspiring glow to uplift even the most jaded spirit.

Set against the skyline’s nighttime canvas are 10 miles of brilliant rope lights outlining Rockwell’s residential towers. This postcard picture-perfect image is given a surreal in the watercolor reflection over the scenic river below. As delightful to the eyes as any work of art, effect is quite electrifying.

The edifices glow from dusk-to-dawn and are like giant lighthouses reminding busy cityfolk that a haven of rest, relaxation and entertainment is just nearby And the message is clear – just follow the lights to the kind of lifestyle you deserve.

If the quality of life in any community is measured by its sense of security, then Rockwell is probably the safest place in Metro Manila. Rockwell Center as the residential areas of Hidalgo Place, Rizal Tower, Luna Gardens and Amorsolo Square, are equipped with state of the security systems and top-level security personnel trained to work thoroughly around the clock.

A 350-strong security force guards both the insertions of buildings as well as their perimeters. Motorized roving units constantly patrol area boundaries.

For the residential area, security is reinforced with the use of access cards, given only to residents. Electronic swiping allows card holders entry into restricted areas such as the indoor parking lots, elevators and even the connecting tunnel to the mall. Cameras are strategically placed all over the area to further aid the monitoring systems. Top-of-the-line fire alarms and sprinklers ensure fire safety and detection at all hours.

For generalHealth checkand awareness, a special sensor in the parking area even determines the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere.

The larger structures within Rockwell Center are equipped with complete audio-visual building management systems as well.

Unobtrusive and almost invisible, security efficiency is what makes the lifestyle community experience in Rockwell one of the best in the Philippines today.

The Joya Lofts and Towers, the latest of Rockwell’s posh residential projects will be the focus of the coming roadshows in the US and Canada beginning April 2nd through May 21, 2005.. For further information , call toll -free 1-877-OWN JOYA or visit

(Cora Pastrana)