Catherine Hernandez, outreach person

Community News & Features Sep 1, 2005 at 10:55 am

TORONTO–Five Asian-Canadian males find a sense of self. A Native woman connects with her sister. An African-Canadian inventor changes the face of thermodynamics.

This year’s lineup of shows at the Factory Theatre – including two English language premieres from Quebec–offers a cornucopia of cultural voices comparable to any United Nations conference.

And yet, the face of Factory’s audiences has not yet completely reflected the diversity of its shows.
Enter Catherine Hernandez, Factory Theatre’s new Outreach and Community Development Coordinator. A playwright and journalist, Catherine will be involved in coordinating and implementing various communications strategies and community partnerships for purposes of audience development and community relations, including education and youth initiatives.

“As a person of colour, I have always felt that Factory has been successful at showcasing talent from all walks of life,” says Catherine. “Now it’s time to let everyone know that their stories are being told, onstage, by people they can identify with.”

Armed with several years of experience liaising with various cultural communities and arts education, and with the assistance of Cultural Human Resources Council, Catherine will endeavor to bring Factory’s exciting work to all Canadians. As the daughter of Cecille Hernandez, one of the pioneers of Filipino folk dance education, Catherine became a performer for film, television and stage before moving on to media, covering the entertainment scene in the multicultural community. She is currently a columnist for The National Post, and her work has been seen in Peace Magazine, Bay Street Bull, CheckUp Magazine, Salon Magazine, Canadian Theatre Review and many more. Her play, Singkil, was showcased recently at Factory’s CrossCurrents Festival.

“We are all so thrilled to have Catherine join the Factory team. This new position we have created signifies a change in the way Factory views its connections with a variety of communities, and the way in which we will go about strengthening value-based relationships. Our 2005-2006 season is beautifully diverse, provocative and of the highest artistic quality. We are confident in Catherine’s ability to rally behind this incredible season in reaching new audiences, new voices, and new opportunities.”