What PHB means to me

Community News & Features Sep 1, 2005 at 10:59 am

By Dionne Conche

Philippine Heritage Band…what do these three words mean to me? When I first joined this group, it was just a band where I was forced to go every Sunday by my mom. It is now a place where I go to every Sunday to have fun and be with my “family”. As I grew with this band for six years, I was able to witness all the many interesting people that have made an impact in such a group like this that have either stayed or sadly have moved on with their lives. Each year brings an appealing view of the way I feel about PHB. To me PHB is a group of people that work together nonstop to entertain different communities through our music and the talents we develop through the many long hours of practice we put into.

Being in a never-ending supported organization like PHB enables you to experience many musical opportunities that most people are unable to ever experience in their lives. This includes the annual States trip we always engage in every year. This year we had the opportunity to travel to Maryland and New York. We were only in New York for a couple of hours just to shop and look around the beautiful city that never sleeps and see what it had to offer. In Maryland, we were given the chance to be part of 5 parades; 4 on one day. It is extremely tiring and is able to take a lot out of you. Every year these parades allow us to test our true selves. We are able to test our perseverance, endurance, dedication and to see how far we are willing to go to show how proud we are of what we are able to accomplish. Marching through their streets during parades gives you a sense of pride and patriotic feeling, the way the Americans are cheering you on and clapping along to the songs you play. These trips also allow you to develop closer relationships with the new members that have joined that year. It is difficult for new members to try and become friends with those who have already been familiar with for the last few years. However, accepting them as your friends make them feel right at home. Showing you care, can mean so much to those who feel like they need the support.

PHB is a place where you are able to grow out of your shells and become the people you were intended to be. It is in coming together, that you are able to be yourself and feel at home. As I grew older with this band, I was able to appreciate the little things of being part of it. I was able to find friends; people that are one in a million and irreplaceable. These people soon become a great part of you, that it is difficult considering your life without them. This is where you can learn about your Filipino culture, find out the true meaning of family by being accepted, and most importantly; growing and developing the love and passion you have towards music and how it is able to change ourselves and society.