APO members join Ati-Atihan group in dance

Community News & Features Aug 16, 2006 at 11:57 am

Alpha Phi Omega members from Southern Ontario and from Mississauga Alumni Association joined the Aklan Ati-Atihan Cultural Group in performing the Ati-Atihan dance.

The dance is centuries old and is performed every year to mark the friendship and co-existence between the native or the indigenous Atis or Aetas tribe of Aklan province in the Philippines and the migrating Borneans and the conquering Spaniards and the introduction of Christianity.

The dance is also in praise of the patron Santo Niño or the Child Jesus of the Christians and the converted Aetas in the province. Participants are garbed in colourful aboriginal costumes and black paint or ashes are painted on their faces and bodies to emulate dark-skinned natives.

The now recomposed group has performed during the Philippine Independence Day gala night celebration and during the celebratory parade at the Mississauga Valley Community Centre Park, Mississauga, Ontario. The participants composed of: Dionex Zarate, Nemia Segovia, Lelette Carpio, Gloria Pisuena, Amaury Mojado, Emely Bernardino, Amel Fortun, Philip Occeno, Ores Ting (choreographer), Belle, Norgel and Justin Tumbokon.