Martha Joy finalist at Canadian Idol

Community News & Features Jul 1, 2007 at 11:34 am

By Suzy Llanera

TORONTO–Sixteen-year-old singing sensation Martha Joy has made it to this season’s Canadian Idol top 22. Martha, a Filipino-Canadian who has been performing at several community events for several years such as the Mabuhay Philippines Toronto Summer Festival in 2003 and the Miss Philippines PIDC Grand Pageant in 2006, made a tremendous impact on the show from the moment she auditioned.

Quoting from The London Free Press Today Entertainment, “London contestants impressed Idol judges, especially one singer. Following two days of auditions before the celebrity judges, 20 singers received gold tickets; which meant they advance to the Top 100 on the reality singing competition. One singer caught the eye of one of the celebrity judges who said he believed the contestant could become the next Canadian Idol.”

Martha Joy’s hard work, patience, determination and perseverance prevailed throughout the audition process. After three suspenseful days of waiting for the results and anticipation from auditioning in London, she passed the first round receiving the green ticket from the producers. She was asked to sing at least 8 songs leaving them wanting to hear more. Having been with her during the audition process, I could physically see and feel the trailer vibrating with Martha’s powerful voice. On the second round, she easily received her blue ticket.

Finally, on the third round and this time facing television cameras and the famous four Idol judges, Martha Joy was calm, collected and well prepared to meet them. She graciously greeted them and Zach Werner, one of the celebrity judges said that “he feels much better from her presence in the room”.
Martha sang flawlessly in her choice of song of “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston.

After her unbelievable performance in front of the Idol judges, Martha Joy listened intently to their comments and words of advice. Zach and Jake both said “Let’s see some ID”. Zach Werner said, “Do everything that all these R & B Divas do, but you need to come up with some stuff that is just you”.
Jake Gold said that she was “maybe the best 16-year-old we’ve had on the show. Find out who Martha Joy is. Martha Joy is unbelievable!” Sass Jordan said that “I can’t believe you’re that young! I’m definitely, YES!” Zach Werner added that “I think you are possibly the next Canadian Idol”. Farley Flex was left in awe handing over the gold card to Martha Joy.

I was there standing by the door with Martha’s whole family waiting anxiously and when the door opened, I shared with them the moment of victory. To witness Martha Joy holding and waving that GOLD CARD in her hand was a great feeling of happiness and excitement. I couldn’t help but jump for joy! Congratulations, Martha Joy!

In Toronto, once again Martha Joy faced the Celebrity Canadian Idol judges. The Gold Card got her to the top 100, then down to 46 and finally she made it to the Top 22!

Martha Joy is a 16-year-old studying Grade 11 at Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts. She is an outgoing, funny person. She is inspired by her family and especially by her mother, Sonia. Martha Joy’s years of vocal training and her love for music taught her to work under pressure and perform at her best. She speaks English and Filipino and has the ability to sing in six different languages; French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, English and Filipino. Martha has sung the National Anthem at Toronto Raptors games on several occasions and has also done a solo performance before the United Nations Global Peace Initiative in Geneva, Switzerland. Back in 2003, she received awards for best contemporary pop singer and best child Broadway performer at the Los Angeles Best New Talent Awards. She is obviously comfortable performing on stage and singing in front of a big audience.

Watch Martha Joy compete in Canadian Idol, and tune in to CTV Monday to Wednesday nights at 8:00pm to see her in action and for the number to vote for her. Martha Joy is our pride so let us support her by voting for her. Let us continue to vote for her until she reaches the TOP, becoming the next Canadian Idol. Watch out for this unbelievable and an amazing shooting star, named MARTHA JOY!