Lucena Association celebrates 10 years, $600,000 missions

Community Round Up Sep 16, 2008 at 1:33 pm
Officers and Members of the Lucena City Association celebrate their 10th Anniversary of Community Service. PHOTO: ARIEL RAMOS

Officers and Members of the Lucena City Association celebrate their 10th Anniversary of Community Service. PHOTO: ARIEL RAMOS

Lucena City Association celebrated its 10th Anniversary with pomp and revelry at the elegant Sts. Peter and Paul Banquet Hall last August 23. Over 325 guests enjoyed the night complete with dancing and entertainment.  The night was a well deserved evening to celebrate ten years of Mission, hence the association’s slogan, “The Mission is the Reason”.

Jun Enverga, president to ten years, enumerated various projects that the association has completed, namely:

1. The $500,000 Medical Equipment and supplies delivery to various hospitals in Lucena City, Quezon Province and Manila.

2. The Medical and Dental Mission in the Philippines that brought in doctors and dentists from North America to give free medical and dental treatments. Over 1,000 families were serviced. Free Medicines were distributed.

3. Groceries and vitamins were given to over 1,000 poor and needy families.

4. Provided funding for the “livelihood program” for the calamity stricken Infanta, Quezon.

5. Helped build the Mt. Carmel Convents in Lucena City and Infanta, Quezon .

6. Donated over $3,000 worth of brand new shoes to the poor in the Philippines

7. Sent and distributed over 30 boxes of relief goods to poor and needy families in the Philippines.

8. Assisted in the funding of the education of a seminarian in the Philippines

9. Funding a GK House for the calamity stricken part of Bicol

10. Funded the building of artesian wells in the province of Quezon.

11. Assisted in the funding and construction of the San Rafael Church in Lucena City.

12.  Assisted in the construction of school buildings in Quezon province.

There were numerous other worthy projects that were started and completed in the Philippines by the organization, over the 10 years of Missions the organization has delivered over $600,000 worth of material goods and services.  Special thanks were given to the different organizations over the ten year term, with special mentions to Manny Abellanosa, Chair, Rosemer Enverga, Co-chair, Enrico Palillo, Obet and Cris Reyes who made the memorable evening possible.

Special presentations were presented by the friends of Lucena, Rigodon dancers choreographed by Aida  & Jun Villaruz,  the other dancers were Jun & Rosemer Enverga, Joe & Rachel Eramo, Jimmy & Bing Marasigan, Pors & Mitz Canlas, Tony Suarez & Gene Elamparo, Romy Olit & Marita Enriquez and  Abel Paulite and Sena Flores.  Belinda Corpuz completed  the memorable night with the heartwarming rendition of the song “Hero.”