End Imperialist Grip, Free Gaza Strip

News Philippines Jan 30, 2009 at 12:35 pm
Mother and child at the Jan. 19 rally in Quezon City asking Obama to stop supporting Israel in its war with Palestinians. PHOTO: arkibongbayan.org

Mother and child at the Jan. 19 rally in Quezon City asking Obama to stop supporting Israel in its war with Palestinians. PHOTO: arkibongbayan.org

Since the last week of December 2008, the Israeli Defense Forces have conducted daily air strikes and bombings against the Gaza Strip, one of the two territories within Israel that are designated “Palestinian Territories” , and governed by the Palestinian National Authority, a governing organization of Palestinians. Israel’s three-week blitzkrieg tagged as Operation Cast Lead has brutally killed more than 1,300 Palestinians and thousands more have been maimed and wounded.

Despite the truce announced last week, Israeli troops continue to occupy strategic points in Gaza Strip. Worse, borders are kept closed by the Israeli military so that relief supplies and other forms of humanitarian aid are barred from the embattled people of Gaza. Doctors Without Borders, a humanitarian group, decried the killings of health workers and the bombing of hospitals and ambulances. The Israeli military, as the Red Cross protests, has “failed to meet its obligation under international humanitarian law to care for and evacuate the wounded.”

Powerful leaders from the European Union have expressed their support for the ceasefire and have pledged to help in preventing Hamas from smuggling missiles and guns and in halting Palestinian strikes against Israel. As if to support this US-backed Israeli war against Gaza all the way, none of these leaders have condemned the Israeli state for perpetuating the Gaza carnage.

We at UP-3P call on our fellow citizens to defend Palestine from Israeli colonial occupation and murder and imperialist intervention by the United States. We condemn U.S. military aid that has largely influenced Israel’s policies towards Palestine. It is no secret that U.S. funding pays for ammunitions, F-16 bombers and other war apparatus used to carry out Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories for 37 years now.

We urge everyone to be ever more militant in pushing for peace in Palestine even when the Israeli state and its imperialist allies have announced ceasefire. As one of its closest allies, the United States requires Israel to use 75% of its military aid to purchase war weapons from more than 1,000 U.S. arms suppliers. In 2003, the total package of aid from the U.S. is $15billion, with $3.1 billion allotted for military financing, $600 million for economic security and $11 billion in commercial loan guarantees. All of which can be used, one way or another, to fund the Israeli war on Palestine. In 2007, the United States increased its military aid to Israel by over 25% which is equivalent to $3 billion per year for the following ten year period. This should alert us to the fact that the Israeli war on Palestine is part and parcel of U.S. policy on its client states like Israel. During his campaign, President-elect Barack Obama pledged to continue to abide by the Israel-U.S. alliance since 1948.

We observe a damning evidence of imperialist grip as U.S. arms industry is imposed upon violently on different peoples of the world through the U.S. war policy. Not only has this caused the lives of millions but it has also diverted the taxes of citizens to dollars. As a result, funding for education and social programs is reduced and public policy of client states like Israel and the U.S.-backed Macapagal-Arroyo regime is militarized. In our own country, the Balikatan Exercises that effectively revives the U.S.
military bases will hold a comprehensive exercise in the Bicol region in April. All sorts of barbaric and colonial military activities have been plaguing the country through the Visiting Forces Agreement and the horrible US- backed war against the Moro people in Mindanao.



UP-3P! is an alliance of students, faculty, workers, and other sectors of the UP Community, united by the call for a stop to the U.S-backed Israeli War on Gaza.