Christmas Caroling in the Philippines

Features Philippines Dec 10, 2010 at 1:26 pm

Caroling is a part of the Filipino Christmas tradition. Once the Dawn Mass known as “Misa de Gallo” or “Simbang Gabi “ starts, carolers will be on their feet singing Christmas carols from house to house spreading the spirit of the season through songs.

Children like to form groups and enjoy hopping from one house to another every night singing Jingle Bells, Silent Night and traditional Filipino Christmas songs like Ang Pasko Ay Sumapit, Pasko Na Naman, at Namamasko.

They usually have handmade musical instruments like tambourine, made from bottle tops, cans or biscuit tins used as drums. They will be happy if you give them a coin or if your feeling generous a peso or more will make them sing another song for you.

And this is what they sing to thank you for your generosity… “Thank you, thank you, ang babait ninyo …thank you….”

It is not only children who go on caroling, church organization, clubs, group of friends, raise funds through their yearly caroling. Some of these groups will give you a letter in advance, informing you the date and time they will sing carols to your house with an envelope attached to it for you to put your donation.

Most of these strolling minstrels are well equipped with their musical instruments like guitar, drums and tambourine, they have practice their songs weeks ahead and they are ready to sing with all their heart in spreading the joy and warmth of the Yultide season. They do hope that you will be generous enough to dig deep into your pocket to help them raise funds for their club or organization.