BT & T Telecom Usap Pamilya – talk to your loved ones everyday

Community News & Features Feb 11, 2011 at 11:02 am

BT&T Telecom Group Corporation introduces its Usap Pamilya Unlimited Subscription Plan for the Philippines. Yes, it’s really unlimited and it’s a real phone-to-phone service which directly links North America to the Philippines.

“With the expensive rates coupled with inconsistent quality to call the Philippines, this revolutionary offer is truly a great value for one’s money. BT&T-Usap Pamilya wants to keep the spirit of family ties alive even if one is far away from the Philippines.”, says Bea Tenchavez, the firm’s Country Director for the USA. The service is available in all 48 states of the United States and Canada.

Calling to the Philippines has always been expensive while Internet-based phone calls have often been less reliable. And phone cards have not made it easier either due to questionable charges by some service providers which actually bring up the cost of calling.

With Usap Pamilya, one may make calls from a landline or mobile phone in the USA to a phone in the Philippines. A subscriber does not need a computer to make or receive a call. The service covers 99% of the Philippines because of the firm’s partnership with biggest Philippine telephone carrier PLDT. The Subscriber will be informed by the company’s 24/7/365 customer service representative to begin to avail the Usap Unlimited plan and one can start calling their loved ones everyday. Telebabad to the Max! Talk all you want!

Also introducing to the Filipinos in U.S. and Canada is a unique and one of a kind prepaid phone card to provide unlimited calling time. The TELEPOWER 24hour Unlimited Prepaid Phone Card is a signature service of Americacalls, a branded calling solutions provided by BT&T Telecom Group Corporation. Telepower Unlimited Prepaid Phone Card is a collaborative effort of the Philippines’ largest telecommunications company, the Philippine Long Distance and Telephone Company (PLDT) and BT&T. “The PLDT-BT&T network is our assurance of superior quality and reliability-in addition to the most competitive rates out there.” says BT&T US Country Manager, Bea Tenchavez. She further added that “The $5 Telepower phone card with a one day or 24-hour expiration period gives a lot of leeway to our customers to call at different times during the allowable period to talk as often as they want and for as long as they can. It also gives them the option to call a maximum of 2 recipients provided the landline or SIM -based landline phone comes as a service of PLDT.” Telepower 24hour Prepaid phonecard solves all of that by removing the time limitations, numerous deductions and lost minutes.

One may email or or call for immediate assistance our 24/7/365 toll-free hotline at 1-718-682-2104 or 1-888-55-PINAS.