TAIWAN-SHANGHAI: May now become Pinoy’s favorite family destinations

Community News & Features Jun 10, 2011 at 11:37 am

From left: SMTA Vice-Chairman Mei-Hong Cheng and EVA Executive Vice President Douglas Li sealing their partnership.

Pinoy families can now have the opportunity to see two places in Asia with Eva Air’s ‘One Trip Taiwan and Shanghai Program.’ Before going home to the Philippines, one should consider taking the trip via Taiwan and the Shanghai to add more value for their hard-earned income.

Taiwan and the Shanghai Municipal Tourism (SMTA) are now in full gear to tap the North American market. This was announced during a press conference held recently for the travel industry professionals at the Sutton Place Hotel in Toronto. Hosted by the Taiwan-based airline, EVA and SMTA, EVA Executive Vice President Douglas Li said that with the new program, travelers will be able to save more time and money. “Combining Taiwan and Shanghai in one trip is an exciting new travel trend”, Li said.

After EVA began direct flights from Taiwan to Mainland China in 2009, the airline and SMTA teamed up as strategic marketing partners to promote travel to Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta. Last year, EVA flew 15,000 passengers from North America to Taiwan and Mainland China and 70 percent of these travelers visited the Yangtze River Delta. The airline and SMTA aim to attract 20,000 visitors from North America this year

In an interview with the Philippine Reporter, SMTA Vice-Chairman Mei-Hong Cheng said that Taiwan and Shanghai are not only a popular destination among business travelers. It has now emerged as a family destination. “We have many wonderful things to explore that are ideal for each member of the family”, Cheng said. According to Cheng, nature has blessed them with a myriad of captivating sceneries and mystical culture that everyone will find exciting. The parks, for instance, can be a heaven for adventure seekers coupled with biking trails and beautiful gardens. For those who seek the quieter pursuit, a visit to the magnificent museums would be a great opportunity to discover their rich ancient culture. A trip along the peaceful Huangpu River would be an additional unique experience. Moreover, one may also try a taste of their elegant tea ceremonies or a walk down the quiet old town districts, bustling gourmet restaurants and designer stores. “This is the perfect time for travelers to explore and experience Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta”, Cheng added.

Taiwan, on the other hand, provides an attractive blend of travel experiences including the trip to their famous spa, the magnificent collection of art and treasures at the National Palace Museum, the fascinating sight of the Taroko Gorge and the exciting ride of their high-speed rail.

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