Pageantry carries the torch of love for country

Community News & Features Aug 12, 2011 at 11:29 am

Ms Caregiver 2011, Ms Jameelyn Naya of Bicol Region.

A beauty contest may be a showcase of glamour and wits but not to these 14 beauteous caregivers who laboriously spent 7 months in training to deliver a masterful production that even the famous fashion czars in the Philippines will gasp and wonder.

Ms Caregiver 2011 expressed their love for the Philippines by parading unique costumes and elegant fashion gowns that they hand made themselves. Candidate No 12 became a favorite with a dress made of native hats that encircled her petite figure.

The sports competition brought everyone down to their knees with so much envy as most contestants strutted on stage with their halter tops, tight fitting jeans and skimpy shorts. Candidate No 4 was like one of the leading ladies of James Bond with her complete shooting gear accessories.

According to the organizers, as the candidates labored at day with ailing employers or babysit some mischievous kids, they also spent unholy hours at night sewing their costumes or gowns made of materials bought from Dollarama. They ignored the sleepless nights to help realize the dream of their kababayans.

“They are passionate with the cause of the pageantry”, said Judith Gonzales, Director and the brainchild of Ms Caregiver Pageant. “These girls preferred to attend the training rather than spend their holidays. They believe that the sponsors and the community deserve a productive show”. Likewise, Edna Tiosen, the formidable event coordinator of the event also praised the candidate’s confidence, saying “I really admire the candidate’s patience and perseverance to finish off this race”.

Ms Caregiver 2011 and her court: From left: Ms Inez Contessa Perreras, Elizabeth Santiago, Jameelyn Naya, Jenny Fe Amper, Gemie Quindiagan. PHOTOS: INO SANCHEZ of INSPIRASYON

Indeed, the pageant fulfilled many wishes. This year’s, Ms Caregiver 2011 proceeds will help Perla Canasa, the chance of a new life. Canasa is seeking medical assistance to help augment the cost of her dialysis treatment. She is now scheduled for a kidney transplant in the Philippines. Another beneficiary is the Imelda Papin Foundation in the Philippines. Fil-Core has pledged to support one patient for a monthly dialysis treatment for a period of 12months.

Back in 2010, the pageantry was able to raise the cost of airfare tickets to bring Madonna Galinato’s family to join her in Canada. Galinato is currently in the hospital suffering from brain aneurysm.

“No amount of money can pay off the efforts of the Fil-Core group and the candidates”, said Terry Olayta, Director of Caregivers Resource Centre and the person believed to be the pillar of many caregiver’s associations. “They have tirelessly given the best of their ability. Their teamwork and dedication is incredible!” added Olayta.

The event was attended by several community leaders, political and government dignitaries including Consul General Pedro Chan, OWWA Officer Atty Frank Luna, and Mayor David Ryan of Pickering.

Ms Jameelyn Naya from the Bicol Province of the Philippines bagged the Ms Caregiver 2011 title while the first runner title went to Jenny Fe Amper. Runners up were Elizabeth Santiago, Gemie Quindiagan and Miss Inez Contessa Perreras.

For these candidates, there is no better way to achieve the spirit of success than to see someone happy for what they have done – even in their simple ways.