Other Community Events – Sept. 28 to Oct. 11, 2012 issue

Community Round Up Sep 28, 2012 at 11:19 am

OPERATION LIFEBOAT, a fundraiser performance/demonstration produced by Sulong Theatre Company in partnership with Anakbayan, was held Sept. 21 - 22 to raise awareness about floods and disasters in the Philippines. Catherine Hernandez lies in a lifeboat filled to her chin with dirty water for 24 hours to lend drama to the event while cultural numbers were performed by various young artists. More than $1,000 was initially raised. PHOTO: JOSEPH SMOOKE

FRIENDS OF JESUS CHRIST CANADA Photo shows Pastor Teck Uy (standing in the middle in the 2nd row wearing coat and tie), the head of the congregation of the Friends of Jesus Christ Canada (FJCC), together with some of the male members of the church after the celebration of the first service which was held at the congregation new church which building they now owned at 181 Nugget Avenue, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. (Lei Marie A. Zetazate. St. Jamestown News Service)

Members of Isabela Cultural Organization of Ontario celebrate their annual picnic at Earl Bales Park on Sept. 22, 2012.

Picnic of Saint John the Baptist Prayer Group, held at Earl Bales Park. PHOTO: ARIEL RAMOS

Betty Manuel blowing candles on her 75th birthday surrounded by friends on Sept. 15 at Mandarin Restaurant in Toronto.

GMA Life TV prize winners at the Feast of Penafrancia at Our Lady of the Assumption church on Sept. 14, 2012 with Rafael Nebres, president of Bicol Canada. Photo: Ariel Ramos