Family Holiday Get-together

Community Round Up Dec 28, 2012 at 5:21 pm

Ging Garcia and Ely San Pedro had their Merry Christmas at the big party with family and friends at Delta hotel in Scarborough. With other couples, they had the chance to have a holiday picture taken for the occasion.

Alta Santos and Andy Santos had their holiday photo taken too on the same couch beside a mini Christmas tree.

Rollie and Alces Silverio had their picture taken beside a mini Christmas tree at the family party at Delta hotel in Scarborough.

Eric and Pat Lazaro of Mississauga drove all the way to Scarborough to join a big family Christmas party. It was worth the drive to catch up with siblings, nephews and nieces and the grandkid generartion. For bonus, they had this picture taken for the occasion.

Eddie and Lalaine Balatbat of Brampton joined the family holiday get-together on Christmas day in Scarborough and had a fun picture taken for the occasion.

COUSINS ON CHRISTMAS. In a gathering of family, cousins get together for catching up and banter. At the Delta hotel suite in Scarborough, first cousins meet on Christmas day. From left, standing: JP Lazaro and Peter Santos.Seated: Norman Garcia, Jojo Garcia and Bong Paterno.