Valentine’s Survey: Things we do, things we wish for

Community News & Features Feb 8, 2013 at 3:05 pm

By Dyan Ruiz

In honor of Valentine’s Day, The Philippine Reporter asked Filipino-Canadians in the GTA two simple questions:

1. What do you usually do on Valentine’s Day?

2. What do you wish happened on Valentine’s Day?

I kept the responses anonymous with only their age and profession to identify them. From those that have anti-Valentine’s Day, the hard workers, the somewhat uninterested and finally, the romantics, following are their responses.

People who are anti-Valentine’s Day

Coordinator for Immigrant and Refugee Services, 25:

1. My friends and I have had Anti-Valentine’s Day. One time, we went to the most unromantic place we could think to eat dinner, Chipotle, and then watched the most unromantic movie we could think of, Frost Nixon.

2. I wish that I could enjoy skating and not see so many couples on the ice because I actually enjoy skating.

Researcher, 30:

1. I never do anything on Valentine’s Day! It’s the worst day of the year to try to do something special. Restaurants have expensive special menus and it is hard to make arrangements for other events, such as getting theater or concert tickets. My partner and I treat it like any other day.

2. I don’t really want anything to happen on Valentine’s Day.

Community organizer, Poet, Journalist, 28:

1. Generally, I celebrate Valentine’s Day with one or more of my significant others by spending quality time with them. Or I celebrate with friends the concept of love and sexuality without subscribing to “Couple Privilege” and heteronormativity.

2. I do not really wish for anything on Valentine’s Day, seeing as I celebrate it either for the benefit of one or more of my significant others, or I use the time as a kind of anti-Valentine’s Day celebration to champion my friendships and community.

Student, 24:

1. To tell you the truth, nothing. I don’t really celebrate it. I think it’s kind of silly.

2. Generally, sometimes I just want to hang out with friends. I have no reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Graphic Designer, 25:

1. Neither I or my partner set aside a special day to “up” our affection. We just try to show it on a regular basis. And we’re both cheap so Valentine’s Day is a definite no-no.

2. Just come home and see her doing her usual thing. It’s one of the best moments of my day.

The Hard Workers

Server, 36:

1. I work because it’s too busy to make a reservation anywhere, so I’d rather work.

2. Have a date at a good restaurant.

Nurse, 48:

1. I usually do nothing because at my age I’m not really in that kind of mode. And with my job, I can’t go out because of my night shifts and the kids.

2. Some times I would like to go out with my husband and the kids.

Technician, almost 50:

1. We used to celebrate it, but since we’re here in Canada, we’re both busy so I just send her some flowers and some simple thoughts on a card.

2. I wish we could go out for a wonderful, romantic dinner for free with a sponsor because if I’m going to pay for that I’ll just stay home and I’ll cook for her.

The Somewhat Uninterested

Non-profit Manager, 26:

1. Mostly dinner and movies and see what happens after that.

2. I have no expectations. It should be just any other day, to be honest.

Retail Associate, 30:

1. Nothing.

2. Dinner and a movie, do something special, in a totally normal special way. I mean as special as you can get with a popular holiday like Valentine’s Day.

Intake worker, 37:

1. Usually we go out for dinner with my family, my kid and my husband.

2. Before during my early marriage, I would expect that my husband give me flowers and chocolate. During this time, I just want my husband to spend time with us, not so much the romantic things.

Young retiree, early 60s:

1. Valentine’s Day comes and goes with a simple greeting and kiss, and I don’t normally fuss about a dinner or some sort.

2. No material gift could match a warm body beside you and knowing he’s your best buddy!

Restaurant owner, 55:

1. Have a party at the restaurant.

2. I wish I had another girlfriend.

The Romantics

Business Development, 29:

1. I would give or send roses to my significant other (even with a long distance relationship) and go out on a romantic date.

2. Since I am single now, no plans for Valentine’s Day and pretty content with that. But if the occasion arises for a spontaneous date, I’m game.

Retired, 52:

1. Take my wife out to dinner.

2. Just have a good time together.

Shop Manager, 45:

1. Make reservations for a restaurant for a nice romantic dinner. Every year I give a different gift. Sometimes it’s flowers, sometimes a gift like chocolates.

2. I wish that we could go away, like to the Caribbean, for Valentine’s.

Fashion Jewelry Designer, 54:

1. I simply think of all the love from my past and look forward for the future of my love to mankind and Mother Nature.

2. I wish for a love to one another never ends.

Retired Senior, 61:

1. Sometimes have dinner with spouse, sometimes watch romantic, erotic or violent movies, depending on our mood that night.

2. I wish they made more really good romantic comedies so we could watch more on Valentine’s night before the action starts in the bedroom.

Bored Housewife, (age secret):

1. Nothing. My husband is cheap, won’t give me red roses or chocolates. Always counting loose change, he’s an accountant!

2. My wish is to meet my Prince Charming in real life whether it’s Valentine’s Day or All Souls’ Day. (I hope you won’t reveal my identity. My husband will kill me!)

Desperately Romantic and Single, 45:

1. I receive Valentine greetings on Facebook and receive Valentine digital cards that cost senders nothing. (Where have all the gallant romantics gone?) No roses, no chocolates, only digital nothings.

2. I wish the days are back when suitors, sincere or not, bring you fresh dozen roses with long stems and/or expensive chocolates and they treat you to dinner in high-end restaurants even if they charge it on their almost to-the-limit credit cards.