Medal Harvest for Team Migrante BC at the Fun Run 2013!

Community News & Features Oct 25, 2013 at 2:45 pm

VANCOUVER-spilers-gold-&-migrante-silver-in-volleyball-migrante-bc-and-pinay-spikersVANCOUVER, BC–Team Migrante BC was the overall medal champion at the Fun Run 2013, a sports event organized by the Multicultural Helping House Society (MHHS) in Killarney Park..

Team Migrante BC played their personal best and run off with the highest number of medals from nine out of the ten sports events at the Fun Run. The Fun Run events were the 100m and 200m runs, high jump, walkathon, hula hoop, 400x100m relay, and women’s volleyball. The participating teams were Teams Migrante, Sunlife and Pinay Spikers.

Team Migrante players received 20 medals each and one received a cash prize. In total, Team Migrante players had 6 gold medals, 12 silver medals, and 2 bronze medals; the volleyball team also was awarded a trophy for winning second place in volleyball.  At the Awards Night on October 5th, when the MHHS awarded the medals and trophies to the teams and players, the Migrante players took their places proudly on the stage and each one of them made Migrante BC proud.

In volleyball, Team Migrante came in second place to the gold winner Team Pinay Spikers. Migrante’s volleyball team brought home the Trophy for second place and silver medals for all of the team players: Aileen Villeta, Princess Charllagne Ocampo, Virginia ‘Jean” Alberca, Emma Manuel, Louie Atienza-Medina, Charlyn Macayan, Adeline ‘Nico’ Madriaga, Vilma Tacsagon, Liza Tran, and Hannah Joy Gancia.

In the Women’s Long Jump, Team Migrante Princess Charllagne Ocampo won the Gold medal. She also won the cash prize, courtesy of Tatay Tom Avendano, in the Hula Hoop competition.

In the Women’s 200 metre run, Migrante’s Emma Manuel won the gold. In the Women’s 100 metre run, Team Migrante got it all — Adeline ‘Nico’ Madriaga won the Gold, Jean Alberca won the silver and Marivi Dumaua won the Bronze. In the women’s 400 x100 relay, the Blue team won the gold with the combined efforts of Migrante’s Virginia ‘Jean’ Alberca, Adeline ‘Nico’ Madriaga and Marivi Dumaua.

In the Men’s 200 metre run, Team Migrante’s players Luke Atienza and Lance Atienza took home the gold and bronze medals respectively. In the Men’s long jump, Luke Atienza won the silver medal and Lance Atienza the bronze medal for Team Migrante.

After the Awards Night, Migrante BC’s Aileen Villeta said: “All of us in the Migrante Team are happy to have played and won in almost all of the events—and that is what I call the over-all champion! The players from Team Migrante were great and we all played our best! We definitely had a fun time! The $50.00 we each had to pay to join the Fun Run was money well spent to benefit the temporary foreign workers and live in caregivers.”