Kuya reunited, Riza Santos shoot music video

Community News & Features Dec 6, 2013 at 4:38 pm

KUYA_IMG_9011This past Saturday November 30, 2013, Kuya the group filmed a music video for their first new single, “Stay Here”.  Their highly anticipated reunion is captured on film with Canada’s own Riza Santos, as the female lead, best known for her title ‘Miss Universe Canada’ (2013).   Stay Here is a way to stay connected with Kuya’s newest projects, and a special look into what is keeping Riza Santos busy since official being crowned as Miss Universe Canada.

About Kuya

The word Kuya, meaning older brother in the Filipino language, was chosen as the name for the group for a very specific reason – Kuya consists of a set of brothers, Sammy and Bobby Gerongco (born and raised in Toronto), along with Johann and Jayson Camat who hail from Montreal.

The group was first introduced to the world in early 2003 with their  MUCHFACT funded video “Southern Girl” which was was featured on MuchVibe, and gained enough viewership to be certified “Vibe-Rated”. The group took a hiatus due to personal life decisions. It was then that Bobby and Sammy formed Kuya Productions.

About Kuya Productions

Kuya Productions have  multi-platinum Grammy-nominated production credits for artists including Nelly, Shawn Desman, Kardinal Offishall, and Nicole Scherzinger and Big Time Rush to name few. They established their label by launching their first act JRDN. He went on to have 2 Gold Singles and 2 Juno Nominations in 2012. Kuya’s highly-anticipated and long awaited EP,  is scheduled to be released early 2014.



Q&A by Rachelle Cruz.

Sammy Gerongco tells us more about their reunion, and what’s next to come:

Q. The single is your official reunion.  What made you decide to get back together and produce this track?

A. Earlier this year was the 10 year anniversary of our 1st video Southern Girl. It brought back great memories and we realized just how much we missed that part of our lives. The song is about enjoying the moments we have now before it is all gone. I think that message was enough for each of us to open up to the possibility that sharing our music again and being together is a good thing.

Q. How does it feel now being back together and working on new projects?

A . It’s even better. We have so many experiences to share and we’ve grown as writers and producers. We have a clear vision of who we are and what we’d like to express in our music.

Q. What is it like working with Ms. Riza Santos?

A. She’s an absolute joy to work with. A true professional. Watching her play out the character in this video was heartbreaking.

Q. How was the video conceptualized and produced?

A. We reached out to Patrick Hepburn, a director with the video production company, THE NE and he fell in love with the song. He came up with a story treatment and we applied for MUCHFACT funding. 1 month later we got the news that we were awarded the funding. We worked with THE NE for a good 2 months on the production schedule and budget.

Q. What are some of the upcoming projects that people should watch out for soon?

A. Our artists JRDN and Karina have albums coming out early next year. We are producing a single for Miss Universe Canada Riza Santos. We also produced Kardinal Offishalls’ next single featuring JRDN so lookout for that as well.