Let it Shine Concert

Community Round Up Jan 10, 2014 at 4:36 pm
Jenifer Camacho at the concert.

Jenifer Camacho at the concert.

TORONTO–Super typhoon Yolanda was the most powerful typhoon to hit the Philippines on November 8, 2013. Yolanda barreled through most of the Visayas, leaving a trail of wide devastation and is considered the deadliest Philippine typhoon on record killing about 6,000 people.

Since then, various Filipino groups have been holding fundraising events such as concerts to help our storm-hit country.

Our very own diva Jenifer Camacho conceptualized a concert entitled “Let It Shine”. Together with the Prestige Management Marianne Japin and Jun Agtarap, Prestige Bar and Restaurant was set for the concert’s venue last December 13, 2013. With the assistance of Juvy Obra who initiated the coordination of the event through the social media, the ball started rolling for “Let It Shine”. Kim Hazen of Mahistrado did what he does best by doing the choreography of the show while Candace David of Pinta made a perfect job in making our diva stunningly beautiful as always with her makeup artistry.

During this event, Mr. Aspi Wadiwalla did the honors of giving Jenifer Camacho a Citation award from the House of Commons “Chambre Des Communes” for her participation in the relief efforts in the Philippines.
The event was a big success with a big turn out of supporters and friends who in one way or the other will definitely impact the life of an individual back home with their donations.

“Let It Shine” went live stream over the web through the courtesy of Filtown Management.

“Let It Shine” involved the participation of various young talents and beauties who are very much active in the Filipino community within the GTA. Farrah and Roy Ramnarine did a great job in leading the show as the dynamic duo emcees of the night.

Jenifer Camacho with husband, son and guests. (Photos courtesy of Stephen O’Young)

Jenifer Camacho with husband, son and guests. (Photos courtesy of Stephen O’Young)

The following individuals unselfishly shared their talent for the show. KUYA’S FAULT BAND (Jackie, Roloves and Raymond Mangante), Kiana Craig, Britney Waito, Josephine Paul Mancini. PRESTIGE MOVERZ, Chadwick Sabado , Kayla Obra, Marco Raqueno , Amsky Chan, Ace Antonio, Honeylen Tan ,Sugar and Spice (Trish Gem del Pilar and Merecyl Cauton), Lovely Dana, Rizza Santos, Gem del Pilar , Joy Pulgar , Kim Estolas and Modelong Pinoy Ralph San Felix – Prestige Mr. Body Beautiful 2013.

The proceeds of this event went to World Vision, one of the largest relief and development organizations in the world.

Once again, we’ve seen how the Filipino community as a whole come together in times of distress which would have proven the saying that “Together We Stand, Divided We Fall.”