Stopping the Marcoses from erasing their crimes from history

Opinion & Analysis Philippines Feb 14, 2014 at 7:37 pm
Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos

Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos

Here is the video and text of my speech on My husband’s lovers: Why Martial Law babies to the present generation love and hate Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos, for the  forum sponsored by the University of the Philippines Third World Studies Center.

I would like to thank the Third World Studies Center, its director Dr. Ricardo Jose, the forum moderator Dr. Luisa Camagay, and Dr. Teresita Maceda for inviting me to speak at the forum.

My speech was based on documents and my personal experiences during and after Martial Law.

There are, however, some variations between the text and my actual speech since I inserted some additional explanations and anecdotes during the speech.

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