Anakbayan-Toronto demands justice for Ligiw Family

Community News & Features Mar 14, 2014 at 3:30 pm

Freddie-Ligiw-posterFreddie “Fermin” Ligiw, a fellow youth and an Anakbayan member in Tingguian, province of Abra, was killed along  with his brother and father on March 2.

The Ligiws were members of Binongan Tribe, and were also members of  Lenneng, Kileng, Tingguian Farmers’ Association.

According to local villagers’ accounts, the farmers were brutally tortured first before they were murdered by the the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) 41st Infantry Battalion. The bodies bore signs of gagging and other forms of abuse, as their hands were tied-up. The three farmers were then buried in a shallow grave where they were discovered five days after.

Such crimes are frequent and indiscriminate as victims are abducted, intimidated and coerced to terrorize the populace. Fermin was forcibly used as a guide, and may have been used as ‘human shield’ by the military in their assault against the New People’s Army guerrillas.

There is nothing but deceit as the battalion proclaims its character as “Partners for Peace.” Elements of the 41st IB continue to commit violations of human rights and international humanitarian laws, which are disregarded by the reactionary government. Furthermore, the terror that the BS Aquino regime havocs through Oplan Bayanihan, in its subservience to the US, ought to be condemned.

Anakbayan-Toronto denounce the AFP for its shallow and lost cause. Truly, the  BS Aquino government is at fault as it fails to improve the indentured lives of our indigenous peoples.

We call our brothers and sisters, allies and supporters to be vigilant and conduct their own investigations on the Ligiws. We demand justice for our comrade and his family.