FilCan is Second Runner Up in Star Bellydancer Canada Competition Fusion Category

Community News & Features Mar 14, 2014 at 3:15 pm
Ishra Shirley Blanco

Ishra Shirley Blanco

A FilCan dancer’s foray into the sultry world of bellydancing has earned her one of the contest’s top honors in Canada.

Filipino Canadian born Ishra Shirley Blanco won the 2nd Runner Up title in the Fusion Category at the Star Bellydancer Canada Competitions held in Toronto on February 9, 2014.

On hand to vie for the honors were the best bellydancers from across the country. The judges, coming from Egypt, Cambodia, Palestine and Canada were equally distinguished professionally. According to Ishra, in the last few years bellydancing has enjoyed a gradual surge into a popular distraction in Canada and globally, as top entertainment for its fans, and as a passionate obsession for its practitioners. Like the Hula dance that has captive following, bellydancing commands a widening audience, those from the Middle East where it originated, and many more new adherents that have come to love its body language.

“It is an Arabic folk dance, driven by torso gyrations, shakes and articulations, that evolved into performance art, and now also as a great fitness workout, to simply get in shape in both body and spirit,” she said.

The competition had 3 categories: Folkloric, Cabaret and Fusion Bellydance. The Fusion category where Ishra won is the most innovative of all the sections.

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