OPEN LETTER: Justice for Carla Abogado

Community Opinion & Analysis Mar 28, 2014 at 5:52 pm

Justice-for-Carla_CMYKDearest reader,

Thank you for making it to the first part of my post. I know it’s difficult to read things that involve death or any other horrible circumstances. I, myself have turned off the TV and scrolled down past links when something tragic has happened in the world. But once something devastating close to home happens, you are suddenly alert & care & start to wonder about all the things that happened behind the scenes of all those stories you ignored.

My next door neighbour, schoolmate and friend Nastasha Carla V. Abogado was just 18 when she died after being struck by an unmarked truck of an undercover York Region police officer on February 12 – just steps away from her home. It›s been over a month and Carla’s family and friends do not have any answers. We just want the truth.

Having the Abogado family as my next door neighbours for 7 years, I have seen how incredibly strong and loving they are–especially through this difficult time. It’s been so painful for them since the family home is a place of wonderful memories of Carla but also a constant reminder of the accident that has NO details. Carla’s parents are truly one of the most patient and kind people I know and it breaks my heart that Carla was taken from them.

To the undercover cop–apparently you are devastated and have a child around Carla’s age. No doubt, you and your family are struggling over the accident as well. I’m sure both families can gain some peace of mind if you came forward. I know there are many complications and certain processes that have to be done regarding incidents with police authorities, but please have a heart. You or York Region Police did NOT even give condolences. Carla’s family and friends will continue to have heavy hearts and minds without the truth.

Justice-for-Carla-Abogado_carlatruck___ContentSome of you expressed that our online activity to seek #JusticeforCarla against police authorities is wasted effort or a lost case.

However, we have received so much love and support and will continue to fight on because our angel, Carla deserves no less. We are doing as much as we can, while we still mourn to find the truth. We hope to find witnesses and receive more help, especially from authorities.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Please join our group, #JusticeforCarla, spread the hashtag and share news links to gain attention for this case.

We love and miss you Carla!

Maria Patricia Abuel