Bayanihan Non-Profit Homes marks 20th Anniversary

Community News & Features Aug 8, 2014 at 4:06 pm
Founders, board members, residents and guests of Bayanihan Non-Profit Homes

Founders, board members, residents and guests of Bayanihan Non-Profit Homes

Bayanihan Co-op housing, a 12 storey, 138-unit Apartment building built by Filipinos in Brampton celebrated its 20th year last Saturday, July 12. It is in a three-acre lot. It was the first co-operative housing initiated by Filipinos from planning to the building and co-op development stage; it is also the first co-op with an all-Filipino staff. Roger Bonifacio remained the Manager of the Co-op since the beginning and is training someone to take over for his retirement.

Nilda Exmundo, president then of the Co-op explained to Mila Astorga-Garcia who wrote a whole page article about the building said that the concept is reviving the tradition of bayanihan among Filipinos in helping each other. The Ministry acted as a guarantor for the $17-million loan granted to the Bayanihan Co-op board used in developing the co-op.

Around half of the residents are Filipinos while the rest come from various cultures including Eastern European, Western European, Caribbean and other Asian background.

The first Board was composed of Nilda Exmundo, Solomon Exmundo, Remedios Malanyaon, Delfin Palileo and Tim Warner. Carl Mahilom, Paul de la Cruz and Rudy Zalameda were also involved at one time. Dean Garcia is one of Staff.

The Bayanihan Co-op is one of the major achievements of the Filipino community and was not affected by intrigues and the crab mentality either because the leaders were transparent and accountable or must have some godfathers in the community media to protect them. Others were ruined by infighting.

(Rodel J. Ramos)