Love for hearts on Valentine’s Day and beyond

Features Philippines Feb 12, 2016 at 4:24 pm

heart-hearts-20150214_FF824BD4BE964303870356B701FC1163Here are 4 reasons why the symbol of love should also get some lovin’

MANILA, Philippines – There is no shortage of love in the Philippines.

A global Gallup poll released in 2013 showed that 93% of Filipinos reported feeling love, more than anybody else in 136 countries surveyed, in response to the question, “Did you experience love for a lot of the day yesterday?”

Valentine’s Day, February 14, will surely be filled with various forms and expressions of love. But we should also care for the very symbol of it: the heart.

Here are some reasons why your blood-pumping organ should also get some lovin’ on Valentine’s Day and beyond.

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