Trump presidency bodes ill for smaller nations like PH

Features Philippines Feb 10, 2017 at 5:01 pm

America’s inauguration of its 45th President sent jitters across the world as to the future of foreign policies, said research group IBON. For the Philippines, whose economy has been influenced largely by the US for many decades, this is an opportune time to rethink its economic policies and its relations not only with the superpower but with other nations that have the same interests in the Philippines as the US, IBON said.

Controversial Republican standard-bearer Donald Trump with campaign motto ‘make America great again’ defeated Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in the US November polls. According to IBON, Trump’s inaugural themes  such as ‘America first’, ‘buy America, hire America’, and ‘American carnage ends now’, and Trans Pacific Partnership pullout in preference of bilateral deals hint a more aggressive US in terms of engaging with other nations. This, as the US economy remains a struggling one despite recent claims of recovery.

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