Heartbreak over V-Day

News Philippines Feb 24, 2017 at 3:12 pm


At past 8pm on February 13, he was allowed to eat on his own. His rice and viand were packed in what market retailers would call “1-kilo plastic bag.” He wrapped his right hand with one of those clear plastic bags so he could eat with his hand. He could probably have eaten with his bare hands, as Filipinos are wont to do, but not if he has not washed them after a grueling 30 hours. It was his first time to eat since 9pm the day before.

In a few hours from then, there would be an eruption of Valentine greetings, roses, chocolates, stuffed toys, dates and dinners. This would of course be far from his mind and none of his present surroundings could conjure up what is usually a celebratory, consumerist day.

Ferdinand Castillo, an activist illegally arrested on February 12 and detained inside the national police headquarters Camp Crame, ate a late dinner inside the facility of his jailers with the handcuff still attached on his right hand.

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