Burgosinians across the globe gather in Ilocos Sur

Community News & Features Apr 13, 2017 at 2:50 pm

bisgo 3rd publishThe 2nd global reunion of Burgosinians of Ilocos Sur Global Organization, held in Burgos, Ilocos Sur Philippines was a triumphant huge success.
The five days event, February 15, 16, 17, 18 and 20, 2017 had the global theme, “Panagiinniliw (Nostalgia), Panagtitimpuyog (Togetherness) Panagkakapya (Peace) and Panagraragsak” (Celebration).

Benilda Filart Degracia -Hizon, Founder and President of BISGO said that, it’s most important that we find ways to invigorate activities such as reunions that promote family togetherness and cultural appreciation most especially to our fellow Burgosinians who have long been away from our beloved town and families.
The 2nd global reunion  brought out excellence  in the towns spirit and camaraderie. Every attendees held parties, filled their reunion days event with a sumptuous fiesta, fun, dancing, singing, school and family reunions and visiting other resorts and nearby Asians countries in grand style.

Under perfect weather, record numbers of Burgosinians families gathered to share and enjoy the fellowship of many near and distant relatives. Guests present came from many countries such as USA, Spain, Italy, The Middle East, Canada, Singapore, Germany, London, Ireland , Norway, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, New Zealand and of course the Philippines.

The majestic Burgos Municipal Center and Town Plaza served as the perfect venue for the occasion. Over all reunion organizers led by BISGO Adviser, Ambassador Catalino R. Dilem Jr, Mary Ann Onnis Mamsaang, Leo Birog, Susan Almazan Luciano, Mary Jane Guerzon , Shirley Molina Madriaga, Aida Duque Abuyen, Aida Degracia Muya and to all Burgosinians who had worked tirelessly for the success of the reunion.

The reunion kicked off for many on Wednesday early morning, wherein early arrivals participated in the “Walk For A Cause” event. Early walkers flocked the busy Burgos town national road. The town’s civic center proved to be a great venue for the Meet and Greet session.

Burgosinians2BISGO’s global project, “PreSchool Back Pack Initiative,” was distributed during the town fiesta’s education day. More than 200 pre schoolers were delighted to receive the tools for schools initiative which aims to inspire Burgos youth the value of education in making a difference . The town’s parade was well attended with participants wearing the BISGO’s reunion T shirt.

Friday evening was the Burgos town local government night , where there was more dancing and merriment for the attendees. BISGO members were proud to share their blessings to the town, thru the Turn over of Disaster Preparedness and Materials.

Saturday’s event started with the BISGO Motorcade. A beautiful sunny day awaited the line up of floats of cars, trucks, motorcycles and buses. The excitement of seeing all parade attendees from Burgos town plaza to nearby town route was memorable sight to keep for ages. Highlights for the day included the floral offering to town’s monument of Fr. Jose Burgos, traditional games and chess tournament and the group photo session that followed.

The highly anticipated Burgosinians Gala night showcased the many guests who came in their finest to share this very special day. With the BISGO theme” Panagraragsak, Panagtitimpuyog, Panagkakapya, Panaggiinniliw- and the Burgos towns theme” Adu ti maaramidan ti panagkikinnibin” which means, “Joining our hands together we can do great things” truly all inspired the crowd. The gala night candle lighting ceremony was surely another “Moment to remember.”

Keynote speakers reflecting the rich diversity of the Iloco Heritage included the Honorable Ilocos Sur Governor Ryan Luis Singson. In his powerful speech he stressed the importance of looking back , which serves to bond togetherness and to foster the love of culture and traditions.

One of the weekend’s touching moments, was the parade of all Burgosinians representing their own barangays (villages). In addition, performance groups showcased their talents at the cultural show where they perform the traditional Folk dance, Tadek, the Hula , the fun line dancing , the talent search contest and live band. Selected BISGO dancers wowed the audience for their Modern Rigodon dance steps.

The fifth day of the event was the Vigan tour, courtesy of Governor Ryan Luis Singson.

BISGO Founder and President Benilda Filart Degracia Hizon, summed up the reunion as a “total success.”

Mark your calendars now for the 3rd BISGO GLOBAL REUNION, July 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21, 2019, in Honolulu, Hawaii.