‘Business interests ran the day’ — Lopez

News Philippines May 12, 2017 at 2:45 pm

DAVAO CITY, Philippines — At times close to tears, and with passion in her voice, former Environment and Natural Resources secretary designate Regina Paz Lopez maintained that the Commission on Appeals rejected her appointment based on business interests.

“It is the constitutional right of every Filipino to a clean and healthy environment. It is our right in the constitution and that is premier above all. It is the duty of government to grant our people this right. And when people make choices influenced and based on business, transgressing the right of every Filipino to what God has given them, it is wrong,” Lopez said.

On Wednesday, the Commission on Appeals Committee on Environment and Natural Resources rejected Lopez’ appointment, after bypassing her two times.

CA committee on Environment and Natural Resources Senator Emmanuel Pacquiao said 13 members voted against Lopez.

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