NEVER AGAIN: It’s time to show that we are also serious

Opinion & Analysis Philippines Jun 9, 2017 at 2:28 pm

Bulatlat perspective

People were half expecting it, and we have always shouted “Never Again!” in response to these threats. And now, President Duterte has made good his threat of declaring martial law in Mindanao and hinted that he is willing to declare it nationwide.

Since August 2016, or a little more than a month into his term, President Duterte talked about declaring martial law 35 times, according to a count by To say that this is extraordinary for a Philippine president and quite alarming is an understatement. It showed his strong inclination to declare it. He has threatened to declare it when people criticized the way he has been running his anti-drug war; when there was a bombing; when the Maute group escalated its armed attacks, just like recently when the group attacked Marawi City, Tuesday May 23.

President Duterte even made no qualms about how martial law would be implemented in Mindanao: “Martial law is martial law ha. It will not be any different from what the president, Marcos did. I’d be harsh.”

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