PIDC to hold elections

Community News & Features Nov 10, 2017 at 3:02 pm

PIDC-logoThe Philippine Independence Day Council - PIDC, will hold an election of the  Executive Officers and  Board of Directors for the January 2018 to December 2019 term on December 10, 2017 (Sunday). The exact venue and time of the elections are being arranged and will be announced later. A 5-person Committee on Election has been created to supervise the conduct of election.

There will be 21 positions to be filled by nomination and election , such as: 1. President  2. Executive Vice President 3. Vice President -External Affairs  4. Vice President – Internal Affairs 5. Vice President – Special Projects 6.Executive Secretary 7.Assistant Secretary 8. Treasurer  9. Assistant Treasurer 10.Auditor 11. Public Relations Officers (2) 12. Business Managers (2) 13. Liaison Officers (2) and 14. Directors (5).

During the election, only Regular Members in good standing for at least a period of thirty (30) days on or prior to December 10, 2017 shall have the right to nominate and vote for a candidate.  PIDC membership is open to anyone who is deemed to be a regular member of PIDC.

For purposes of  definition of a regular member, the PIDC Constitution and By-Laws provides in “Article 3, Section 1.1 A  Regular Member is defined as an individual who is or was: a) Willing and consenting President(s) of all Filipino-Canadian Associations in Ontario or his/her official designate; b) Original consenting charter members; c) Chairperson of a PIDC  Working Committee ; d) Participated or contributed to a PIDC event or program ; e) Participated as a member of any PIDC Working Committee.”

If one is interested in becoming a member of PIDC, a membership form must obtained from the PIDC website ( This form must be completed and submitted at least 30 days prior to the election in order to be eligible to vote.  Forms can be emailed to and must include the annual membership fee of $25 which can also be sent via email money transfer.

PIDC’s  yearly regular events are as follows:  1. Annual Philippine Independence Day Flag Raising event at Queen’s Park 2. Salu-Salo sa Earl Bales Community Potluck Picnic with the Mabuhay Volleyball Tournament 3. PIDC Pageants 4. Mabuhay Cup Invitational Basketball Tournament 5) Mabuhay Golf Tournament  and  6. Mabuhay Philippines Festival.

Interested Filipino Canadians are encouraged to participate and join the umbrella organization to be a part of a heritage-focused & forward- thinking association towards achieving a more progressive and unified community.

(Tony A. San Juan)