Gabriela Ontario condemns new No-PR policy

Community Opinion & Analysis Feb 9, 2018 at 4:27 pm

Gab-ONReaction to removal of permanent residence feature in caregiver program:

When Ottawa’s Immigration Department announced that foreign caregivers will not be eligible for permanent residence if they have not accrued two years of employment by Nov. 29, 2019, various advocacy groups and caregivers themselves immediately voiced out their disappointment, disbelief, displeasure and and anger over what the they consider an unfair policy.

Among these groups is Gabriela Ontario which issued its initial reaction:

The statement reads:

“Gabriela-Ontario would like to raise the following questions regarding  the announcement made on February 2nd:

First, what will happen to caregivers who came to Canada after November 29, 2017? If IRCC will no longer be accepting applications for permanent residency after November 29, 2019, caregivers arriving on or after November 29, 2017 will not be eligible to apply for permanent residency. Many have left their families under the impression that they would be able to apply for permanent residency. It would simply be unfair to deny them this opportunity.

Second, what will happen to caregivers who are currently living in situations of abuse? Many may opt not to leave current abusive working conditions because they will fear not having the requisite number of hours needed to apply for permanent residency by November 29, 2019.

The announcement made on Friday (Feb. 2) caused much fear and trepidation among caregivers, all of whom came here with the hope of applying for permanent residency.

Gabriela-Ontario  continues to support the call to give caregivers permanent residency upon arrival. Gabriela-Ontario also condemns policy-making processes that blatantly disregard the needs of migrant caregivers.”