With Compass APP, OFWs can access home and help wherever

Community News & Features Feb 9, 2018 at 3:44 pm

fullsizeoutput_17b7For many of our Filipino workers, migration is tantamount to a better life, not only for themselves, but more importantly their loved ones. At present, there are approximately 10 million documented Filipinos working abroad spread out in 170 countries.

The dream is realized.

Parents are able to send their kids to school. Children are able to send money back to their families. Homes are built. Quality of life is alleviated. Still, for most, the promised land is still very far away. Perhaps, farther than the distance they’ve travelled away from home.

Reality, most often than not, can be unforgiving.

Instances of abuse, unpaid wages, poor working conditions, and even death abound stories of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW’s), or Global Filipinos. Compounding distress is utter loneliness – of being far away from home and loved ones.

Mikhail Alfonso S. Agcaoili:  Co-Founder, Compass PH, Safeguarding Global Migrants

Mikhail Alfonso S. Agcaoili:
Co-Founder, Compass PH, Safeguarding Global Migrants

At present, we have very fragmented resources to offer our migrant heroes – government entities not fully utilized, NGO’s not optimized, private firms not having a reliable and direct channel to offer services and local employers looking for great talent but are unable to reach them.

The fate of the Global Filipino is bleak and uncertain with such a disjointed system.

It only gets worse at times of crisis.

In a world interconnected by technology, how do we bring hope, sense of camaraderie, community, and hospitality? How do we blend these traits we carry along with us in our various journeys in life into everyday technology to extend even just a glimmer of hope?

Aptly named COMPASS, is a simplified application which aims to provide refuge during those times and bring them safely back home.

The essence of Compass is to empower our Global Migrants before, during and after their journey.

It is an app that aims to unify and galvanize various groups and organizations towards upholding the quality of life of Global Pinoys, whether in distress or not. It will allow convenient access to services and features that are truly relevant for migrant workers, their families, friends and potential employers accessible through multiple channels and devices.

One of its main features is the SOS or Emergency Response button that Migrant Workers, wherever, can alert the Compass community that they are in need of help or assistance.

Equally important is the all encompassing features of the platform revolving around the community. Through the App, one can be informed of uncluttered information, announcements, and updates from the Philippines, Community Organizations present across the globe as well as from fellow migrant workers in the area.

Filipinos know that having the right companion, the ones that hear and help you out, can make all the difference.

There is home in places far away, in people we can trust.

Download the Compass PH app on Google Play and the App Stores or simply sign up at https://compassph.com

Welcome Home, Kababayan!

Mikhail Alfonso Agcaoili