Mississauga Pinoys support Rosemer’s nomination

Community News & Features Apr 13, 2018 at 4:10 pm
From left: Dr. Chelly Silva,  enjoying JV Salamena’s announcement of their pick, Rosemer Enverga, right.     

From left: Dr. Chelly Silva,
enjoying JV Salamena’s announcement of their pick, Rosemer Enverga, right.

Only last January, our community had a Filipino candidate for MPP in Mississauga Centre riding, Angely Pacis. A cadre of volunteers worked very hard to get her nominated. The  timing is almost perfect. After 15 years of scandals and mismagement, the Liberal government of McGuinty and Wynne is expected to be turfed out in the upcoming June 7th provincial election. The latest Angus Reid Institute poll has placed Wynne at 19% approval rating, the most unpopular premier in Canada.

Another reason for the enthusiasm is the realization that it is time for the 837,000 Filipinos in Canada to have representation in all levels of government in Canada. Ontario is the home of around 350,000 Pinoys who, at a minimum, call for 3 representatives at Queens Park. In addition, considering the demographics, the Filipino Community should have at least three (3) senators and at nine (9) MP’s.

Our collective dream of sending one of our own to Parliament was completely dashed on March 15th, when the nominations in three ridings, Mississauga Centre, Brampton North and New Market-Aurora were re-opened in view of what the PC Party considered ‘flawed election processes.’ In effect, our Angely Pacis’ candidacy was set aside. A reliable source indicated that she is no longer a member in good standing and won’t be allowed to run under the PC banner.

Unfortunately, except of what she mentioned in the newspaper, Angely Pacis and her husband, both seasoned lawyers, were not saying much if she was indeed treated unjustly by the PC Party. (Please refer to the Philippine Reporter: http://philippinereporter.com/2018/03/23/pinoys-search-for-new-nominee-after-fil-can-candidate-set-aside.

Not giving up on our ‘dream,’ some Filipino leaders, immediately launched a Search for Angely’s replacement. This informal group sent invitations to more than 130 community leaders – for the purpose of receiving nominations for a Filipino who is able to compete with other nominees, but particularly against Tanya Granic Allen, a former provincial leadership candidate, at Mississauga-Centre.

On March 25 at Huron Park Centre, at a meeting attended by the Press and around 40 members of Filipino Community who came from Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville and as far as Scarborough, three (3) were nominated: Dr. Chelly Silva, Jose ‘JV’ Salamena and Ms. Rosemer Enverga, a community leader and the widow of the late Tobias C. Enverga, Jr., our first Filipino senator.

After delivering their individual speeches, the three nominees were ushered into a separate area with a mandate to select from among themselves one (1) final nominee who our community will support as the ‘unity candidate.’ This selection process is rather unique and may be the first time it was employed in an electoral process, with so much at stake.

While the nominees were meeting privately, those present partook of some refreshments.  There was anxiety as the attendees waited in suspense for about 20 minutes before the three nominees came out from seclusion.  All were smiling. It was the youngest, Jose ‘JV’ Salamena, who announced the result – Rosemer Enverga was their pick.

Dr. Chelly Silva and JV Salamena conceded that Rosemer, with her years of community service and exposure to thousands of constituents in the company of the late senator,  has some distinct advantages. The two (2) unselfishly gave way to Rosemer and promised to support her bid for nomination as the official PC Party candidate for Mississauga-Centre riding.

Meanwhile, at her acceptance message, Rosemer thanked her co-nominees, the organizers and the crowd, and promised to work hard for the interests of the Filipino Community in Parliament, if nominated on April 21st  and elected on June 7th. She praised the former candidate, saying she would gladly withdraw her candidacy if  Angely Pacis were to be re-instated by the PC Party.
And now, the real hard work begins…

To guarantee a win comes April 21st , Rosemer Enverga needs to draw the support of at least 1,000 registered PC Party members who reside within the Mississauga-Centre riding. We are counting on Filipinos to join hands once again to help ensure that our common life-long dream of representation is fulfilled.

(Clem Cabillan and Gerry Villareal)