Does Duterte intend to clean up Boracay with bullets and bombs?

Features Philippines May 11, 2018 at 2:56 pm

boracay_map_photo_byIna_SilverioThe deployment of over 600 police and 200 military personnel to Boracay to enforce President Rodrigo Duterte’s controversial closure and rehabilitation order of the island is a fascist overkill. Since when did bullets and bombs become cleaning agents for coliform, or conservation tools for flying foxes, sea turtles, and coral reefs?

Ironically, this is done under the pretext of “providing security and peace” and “making tourists feel safe.” In reality, we found out in a Fact Finding Solidarity Mission held by our local affiliated organizations last April 18 to 20 that the police threatened residents that they will turn Boracay into a “new Marawi.”

What the island needs instead are environmental specialists who could actually study the concrete ecological situation and properly implement the rehabilitation of the island. The coliform outbreak, coral reef bleaching, and habitat loss of important flora and fauna cannot be driven away by riot drills and live-fire exercises.

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