Featineans celebrate spring rites with a social fundraiser

Community Round Up May 25, 2018 at 2:36 pm

SD2018GroupPic1By Tony A. San Juan

Springtime, seasonally, is really a good time for enjoying the weather shift and bringing respite to the chilly long nights of winter. Thus, The Featineans Association of Canada -TFAT, together with its officers, members, friends and guests in the Greater Toronto Area aptly converged and celebrated the rites of spring with a party fundraiser on May 12, 2018 at the North Thornhill Community Centre in Thornhill, Vaughan, Ontario.

TFAT’s 31st Spring Dance, during the evening, actually started earlier with a good number of enthusiastic dancing pairs on the ballroom floor to the DJ music of Flor Cabading. The formal program, hosted by TFAT Co-Founders Tony A. San Juan and Tirso Balitian (event co-chair), commenced with the traditional singing of the two national anthems of Canada and the Philippines and with Oliver Rey, the longest-serving president, in his opening speech officially welcomed the more than 250 guests.



President O. Rey, likewise, heartily thanked the attendees for having generously supported the Alumni association over the years since its formation in 1989 and in the process, helping out in pursuing its programs among which are the established 20- year old scholarship outreach program and the annual recognition awards for top graduates project in their alma mater, the FEATI University.

TFAT’s oldest living member and auditor Rudy Olay led the invocation before the five-course dinner was served by Nanay’s Catering. Har Tawatao, chairman of the evening’s event delivered the closing remarks with the acknowledgement of association heads and community leaders present and also, rendered beautifully his favourite song. Annie Buiza, TFAT’s party impresario extraordinaire , as earnestly expected early , went about greeting and welcoming her more than 100 invitees to the full-seated affair.

The 5- hour gathering has had several interesting and lively entertainment numbers punctuated with nostalgic singing renditions and special dance exhibitions . Among those who performed were singers Andy Gabriel of Ubelicious (a native desserts distributor and wholesaler) and special guest Lito Gueco. The special dance troupes include: Dynamic Divas (led by Cecille Barrientos); Jazz Dance Group ( headed by Alberto Carreon) and the Multicultural Dancers with Anabelle Chipongian as lead dancer. Guest Rosalie Memiji promoted the Rodel Naval Care Outreach upcoming “Good Time for a Good Cause” fundraising event. Fourteen lucky guests received raffle gifts donated by TFAT officers and 3 were recipients of the 50-50 cash draw.

Extending party functions assistance were TFAT officers and members: Rolly Balangue, Tirso Balitian, Ed and Christie Baruela, Annie Buiza, Tony Catongay and wife, Lito and Candy Martin, Rudy and Zeny Ortiz, Max and Nenita Recaido,Oliver and Darlene Rey, Tony and Joy San Juan, Har and Lina Tawatao, and Nenita Recaido’s cousin Lucy. This coming summer, TFAT’s yearly picnic is set on June 17, 2018 at the Thompson Memorial Park in Scarborough, Ontario.

Once again, as many of the guests agreed, it was certainly one of TFAT’s admirable social functions ……in deed a memorable and enjoyable evening of ballroom and line dancing , song and dance entertainment performances, and above all, solid social networking and fellowship time.