The book Shame to Honor to be made into a movie

Community News & Features Jun 8, 2018 at 3:01 pm

PINAY-MAGAZINELOS ANGELES–Q Management Inc, reps for Mr Christopher Broughton, a producer at 20th Century Fox and the CEO of Moxie Motion Pictures Inc, are pleased to report that he has secured the exclusive movie rights for the book written by Mr Charles Lambalika, SHAME TO HONOR. Mr Broughton recently flew to Brisbane Australia to meet with the distinguished author after reading the book, and knew this story had to be told. Mr Broughton will produce and direct the movie with Mr Gershom Sikaala once it goes into production. For his part Christopher Broughton is also the producer for THE BOY WHO KNEW TOO MUCH, another book he secured the rights for, which will be a 20th Century Fox Production.

Aida-KingHis interview by PINAY Magazine where he dishes about the Philippines as an ideal filming location is also set to go live as PINAY Magazine is set to launch its print and online portal. @pinaymagazine. Christopher Broughton is currently scouting locations in the Philippines & Thailand as he starts development on the next film.

About Christopher Broughton

Mr. Broughton is working with 20th Century Fox & Franklin Entertainment as a producer on the upcoming feature “The Boy Who Knew Too Much.” Previously he served as Development & Operations Associate of Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx’s Foxhole Entertainment where his main focus was to evaluate, strategize and assist with the development of projects and business operations for the day-to-day management of various film, television, music and new-media projects being developed under the Jamie Foxx/ Foxhole Entertainment banner. He is also a senior adviser of international productions at the independent Ace Studios, located in mainland China. He has also recently received a special “Recognition Award” at the International Emmy’s in China for decades of work in film and television bringing the East and West together in producing content for a global audience.

ªSOURCE Moxie Motion Pictures Inc.º