United People’s SONA: One march, one program calling to end charter change, tyranny, killings

Features Philippines Jul 27, 2018 at 4:53 pm

sona-2018-loi-01-editedBy MARYA SALAMAT

MANILA – The first United People’s SONA gathered broad and diverse groups of people to share “the true SONA” yesterday July 23, 2018. From the main converging areas all over the University of the Philippines in Diliman to the march to Commonwealth, the participants demonstrated organized discipline and displayed similar calls in their colorful attire and banners.

With the participants’ huge colorful banners, an effigy of President Duterte, costumes from hats to jewelry to clothing bearing their calls, and nearly non-stop waves of chants and slogans punctuated by beats of gongs or drums, the United People’s SONA was both a protest and a fiesta of unity. They protested the policies adopted and being pushed by the Duterte administration; they celebrated the confidence-building of the people’s growing unity against tyranny.

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