3 21-year olds will bike from Scarboro to Montreal to support 5n2 feed-the-hungry project

Community News & Features Aug 24, 2018 at 4:13 pm

3-bikers-IMG_8706Three young Scarborough locals, Raymark Bancolita, Michael Rudio and Patrick Bernardino, have reached out to 5n2 Kitchens and offered their help in ending hunger in the community. Being cycling enthusiasts, they thought the most fulfilling way to raise funds for the food kitchen is to pedal their way to Montreal, beginning their long journey from 5n2 Kitchens’ headquarters in Scarborough. The 600km trip will start on August 19th and end on August 26th.

Before the long trip ahead, 5n2 Kitchens will host a send-off party to celebrate and wish them good luck. The team has invited community leaders such as Officer Arsenault from Division 43, Global Kingdom Ministries, Scarborough Councillors, 5n2 Kitchens’ partners and many family and friends.

New Logo - White BackgroundFor each kilometre cycled, the three friends want your support to help make their local community hunger–free.

To learn more about the Ride to Feed: Charity Cycle campaign, visit: bit.ly/ridetofeed

About 5n2 Kitchens: 5n2 Kitchens is a non-profit organization that provides nourishing meals to hundreds of marginalized Scarborough families. The inspiration behind the name is a biblical story of Jesus feeding 5000 people with as little as 5 loaves and 2 fish. At 5n2, we strive to make that same impact in our community.

On August 1 2018, 5n2 Kitchens celebrated its 5th year anniversary by serving the Scarborough community with Councillor Glenn De Baeremaker.

Watch Filipino TV’s feature on the event: bit.ly/5n2anniversary