Three more Filipino Canadians enter civic election race on October 22nd

Community News & Features Aug 24, 2018 at 3:44 pm

By Tony A. San Juan, OCT.

The more the merrier. Or, the more the better!  They muttered. Lately, three more courageous and determined Filipino Canadians have filed their candidacies in the coming October 22, 2018 municipal elections. Yes, mga kababayans. Three young and well-qualified  FilCans  have entered their candidacies for elective posts in the Cities of Toronto and Sarnia, bringing the total number of kandidato with Filipino heritage to thirteen.

Currently, a total of 13 candidates with five women and eight men are vying for the civic election. They are: Benjamin Abis, Randy Bucao, Alex Chiu, Paulina Corpuz, Louroz Mercader, Marlene Mogado, Maria Montemayor, Enrique Olivo, Graham Pedregosa, Miles Roque, Luz del Rosario, Rowena Santos, and Garry Tanuan. Compared to  the 2014 elections, fourteen ran, of which only 4 were successfully elected or reelected: Chiu, Mogado, del Rosario and Tanuan.

Among the latest addition to the initial starting line up of ten are three young and ambitious Canadian- Filipinos, namely: Louroz Mercader, Maria Montemayor, both from Toronto, and Graham Pedregosa from the City of Sarnia.

Louroz Mercader for  Councillor in Ward 7

Louroz Mercader for
Councillor in Ward 7

Louroz Mercader, a lifelong Mississauga resident and “leading a new generation of leaders,” is running for Councillor in Ward 7. This will be his third attempt to run. Louroz is “looking to shake up city hall and make it more accountable to the people it serves. He has experience in the public, private and non-profit sectors, and is a leading voice among a generation of civic minded leaders looking to transform the way governments functions.”  He  entered the race  with a priority to meet the “need for more accountability, improved transit across the city, and  ending the culture of wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars.”  Mercader currently works at Waterfront Toronto as Manager of Communications and Public Engagement where he is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders of the company’s waterfront project. He has served on numerous boards, including GO Transit, United Way of Peel Region, Canadian Mental Health Association of Peel-Dufferin, and Safe City Mississauga.  Louroz has a reputation as a leader “who works tirelessly to advance projects that contribute to creating safer, more efficient, affordable, and healthier communities.” His unique combination of skills and experience will put him in a position “to successfully navigate the complexities of city hall, reduce waste, make lives more affordable, and solve some of the most pressing issues including transportation.”

Maria Montemayor for TCDSB Trustee for Ward 12

Maria Montemayor for TCDSB Trustee for Ward 12

Running as a TCDSB Trustee for Ward 12 is Maria Montemayor, a pro-life young Filipina. M. Montemayor holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Political Science from the University of Toronto. She is a writer and has contributed essays and articles in several publications including Affairs Today, Akdaan Anthology, Kiwanis International, Her City Lifestyle, Laura Thomas Communications, Nelson Education, and Young Voices. A pro-life Catholic, Maria is involved in her parish’s music ministry. Young Adult’s Group, and EDGE Crew. She is an active parishioner at St. Rose of Lima in Scarborough where she has been a youth and adult ministry leader for over three years and a Saturday morning mass cantor and pianist for more than six years. Montemayor lives in Scarborough, Toronto.

Graham Pedregosa for  Councillor, City of Sarnia

Graham Pedregosa for Councillor, City of Sarnia

Seeking to make history in southwestern Ontario, specifically in the City of Sarnia is Graham Pedregosa who is running for City – County Councillor. As an entrepreneur, G. Pedregosa co-founded  TMRRW Inc., a prominent small business in Sarnia, and worked “to create Sarnia’s first co-working space to encourage more start-ups.” He cited the need for “a city council that is responsive to residents and a plan to bring to City Hall.” Graham, who was born and raised in the City, is actively involved in the Sarnia – Filipino community celebrating culture and diversity and was a Filipino dance troupe performer. His father Ben is from Pasay City while his mother Liza is from Roxas City. Pedregosa attended High Park public school and Northern Collegiate. He majored in Political Science and History at Carleton University and was president of the Rideau River Residence Association, with 3,600 undergraduate students during his university studies. His work on student advocacy and engagement was featured in national media including the Ottawa Citizen, Canada AM and the Globe & Mail. One loyal supporter said that Graham’s caliber is  “someone who is focused on the long-term growth of Sarnia, who cares about our community and who will work to put citizens first.” Graham is a successful business owner, has operated a 1.2 million dollar non-profit,  and has raised thousands of dollars for charity.