Health system fails to provide quality care for seniors

Health Sep 14, 2018 at 2:43 pm

4756a567-ed43-4fe4-b8ac-8093bdbf833e_tcm990-294738_w828_h466By Ruta Valaitis and Maureen Markle-Reid

It’s clear the status quo isn’t meeting the needs of our aging population. So what can be done?

Despite having diabetes and arthritis, Verne was a thriving independent 72-year-old who lived at home with his wife when he had a stroke. He had excellent emergency care in the hospital and began his recovery there. But he didn’t adjust well after arriving home. He started to show signs of depression and was at risk of re-hospitalization.

Verne feared he would have another stroke as he waited for follow-up appointments with neurology, physiotherapy and speech pathology. He had difficulty remembering to take his new medications and adapting to using a walker.

Transitioning home from hospital is challenging for older adults with multiple chronic conditions. Home-care services are often not available or inadequate. And followup care from doctors or specialists is too often infrequent or involves juggling multiple appointments over long wait periods.

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