Filipino women journalists: attacked but unbowed*

News Philippines Oct 12, 2018 at 4:11 pm

press-freedom2Journalists cannot sit idly by while the highest official of the land leads the attacks on press freedom and wields the machinery of government to peddle lies and deception.


MANILA — For reporting the truth behind a gruesome killing in Mindanao, veteran journalist Julie Alipala was branded a terrorist in a Facebook page believed to be managed by President Rodrigo Duterte’s supporters.

Alipala wrote a story for the Philippine Daily Inquirer titled “7 young Tausug men killed by military not Abu Sayyaf bandits – relative.” Two days later, in a Facebook page “Huwag Tularan” screen grabbed the headline of Alipala’s story and included her photo with the words, “Magkano kaya ang binayad kay Julie Alipala? Pati teroristang Abu Sayyaf pinagtatanggol niya! Certified bayarang kulumnista” (How much was Julie Alipala paid? She is defending the terrorist Abu Sayyaf! Certified paid columnist)

Abu Sayyaf is a bandit group in the southern Philippines notorious for kidnapping for ransom. Being labeled as an Abu Sayyaf supporter not only maligns Alipala’s reputation but also undermines her safety and security.

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