It’s not about the destination, it’s all about the Journey

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April 28, 2003 — September 25, 2018

A Celebration of Life: Journey Lael Hilario

By Analise Ticzon (Journey’s ‘Tita-Manang’)

On Tuesday, September 25th, 2018, our beloved Journey Lael Hilario passed away after a sudden asthma attack at the tender age of 15. She is lovingly remembered by her mother Wendy Codinera Archard, stepdad David Archard, her father Jay Hilario, her older brother Jaden, siblings Maddox and Brooklyn, maternal grandmother Victoria and paternal grandparents John and Vicky. Uncles Justin and Desi, aunts Gigi and Jennie and cousins Elijah, Laila, Jaime, Maliyah and Malachi.

Anyone who knew Journey would tell you that she had an infectious smile coupled with a contagious laugh. As a kid who grew up with asthma and being highly allergic to certain foods, you would assume Journey was delicate and fragile. She was actually quite the opposite. From the time she was a little girl, Journey was fearless. Climbing up the highest ‘monkey-bars’ at the playgrounds, successfully conquering the unexpected. She loved going to Canada’s Wonderland and any amusement park, jumping at the chance to experience the thrill of the scariest roller coaster rides! Even at the times she experienced difficulties with her asthma or allergies, Journey was resilient, always cheerful, optimistic and high-spirited. Soon enough, she would bounce back to her humorous self, pulling her next prank on someone in the family and joking around with her brother and cousins.

Journey was also an artist who shared her creativity and talent with everyone—from her family, school and friends. She loved to paint, draw and colour and as she became a teenager, this self-taught skill developed into an interest in makeup artistry and hair-styling.

From giving the smallest compliment to someone in order to brighten up her or his day, to her amazing artistic ability to create something out of nothing, these were true reflections of Journey’s positive outlook in life. She was fun, caring, brave and a beautiful inspiration to her family and friends. Her life was a precious gift that we are all thankful for and a reminder that even at the scariest “rollercoaster”  moments, we should embrace and treasure them wholeheartedly as she would always say  “God Has a Plan…”

2017 Valedictorian and Academic Award recipient, St. Joseph's Elementary School

2017 Valedictorian and Academic Award recipient, St. Joseph’s Elementary School

Grand Award Winner for Toronto Public Library's Design a Bookmark contest 2015

Grand Award Winner for Toronto Public Library’s Design a Bookmark contest 2015